Lady Lily Life

Hello world! Welcome to my new blog. As I set this up, it is intended to be a place to record and share about what I’m learning and how I’m growing in my relationship with Jesus.

This is a new site for me, and a fresh start at this intentional and informal chronicle of spiritual growth. My previous blog ( is no longer active for editing (though available for review), so I will endeavour to keep this one live and current.

As I see the world through a unique set of lenses, I will also be coming from some common experiences, as I am a wife, a mom to two girls, and work full time at an office. My hobbies and interests also shape who I am and how I see things, so you may see reference to gardening, crafting, or a good mystery.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you’ll check in often at the links under “Recent Posts” just off to the right for my latest postings.

PS. A little bit about the name “Lady Lily”. This nickname comes from high school days, when my best friend and I toured Northern Ontario together. Though no one really called me that, in print it stuck.